What might a foldable iPhone look like?

Everybody asks, what would a foldable iPhone look like? Now, we can have in mind a picture illustrating its future design and features. As foldable smartphones are currently in fashion, there's no reason why the apple shouldn't follow in the footsteps of its competitors .

iPhone style design

iPhone is known for its ease of use, quality hardware and optimal performance. As far as the design is concerned, it is sure to be ergonomic. And it may look like an improved, foldable version of its predecessors, such as the iPhone X, iPhone XR or iPhone XS. Fans of the brand can only be delighted with this future product. The first foldable iphone will be the talk of the town as soon as it hits the market for sure.

A deployable and transformable screen

The ideal foldable iPhone would have a dual screen that can unfold and turn into an iPad or Macbook. But the little extra would be to have communication functions since it's a smartphone. It would have 2 screens: the first one would be the main screen while the second one could be used as a keyboard. The smartphone could also have a split-screen mode to better manage mailboxes and different applications, etc. The smartphone could also be equipped with a shared screen mode. Also, the second screen could display an independent application. In short, it's a real little handheld computer. We should be able to use Apple's stylus with this future foldable iPhone without any problem.

In short, a better iPhone

A foldable iPhone can only be the best iPhone on the market today. It is a very high-end model probably with an exorbitant price. Quality will be the first thing this model will bring. It would have an irreproachable photo quality, a good autonomy, a wireless charger, a USB-C port, it would be waterproof... Otherwise users would turn to the competition. Finally, the future foldable iPhone should be solid, ergonomic and have a good grip. It is very important that the foldable parts of the device do not break easily. Default applications such as messages, camera, and so on should be easy to use. It would also be better if the smartphone is fast, and has more storage space. Switching to full screen mode when unfolding it should be easy. This should also be the case in the reverse direction.
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