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oculus quest accessories

Out of the oculus quest box comes every necessary accessory that you will need for a start. With the standalone headset, you may not be guaranteed of optimal experience. Instead, you can improve your experience with the gear by adding more accessories and ad-ons, just as explained at These accessories are easy to access on online markets. With the various manufacturers out there, you may be confused on what online manufacturer to go with. To discover the authentic oculus quest accessories, look at the quality and features that the accessories have. This way, you will settle for the best products. It is now time to furnish your VR headset with additional accessories that will improve your gaming experience and protect your gear!

Travelling Accessories

You can now buy the Oculus case online. This accessory is helpful when you are going away from home with your gear. The transport bag is elegantly designed with sculpted liners that hold the headset with proper balance and stability. These travelling cases have rigid outer shells that offer heavy-duty protection and lightweight convenience when traveling. It is advisable to purchase the travelling accessories online since online markets ensure that both their regular and newbie customers get quality. These markets also offer incredible discounts that will save you lots of cash. Not forgetting the warranties and return policies that keep you covered in case of damages caused by poor quality.

Connection Accessories

You will not miss to find connection cables online that will make your experience more excellent. The Oculus Link Headset cable is a high-speed fiber optic cable that has a flexible and lightweight quality design. Its flexibility allows you to connect your headset to your compatible gaming PC, thus empowering you to effortlessly connect your headset to a VR PC and play the multiple Rift games through the Link Beta. Additionally, the design of the connection cables empowers you to choose countless library games from the thrilling Oculus Rift. Even though the official link cable is expensive, it is worth every coin spent, thanks to its extra functionality. You do not need to have the official Oculus cord to use the Link; you can use any other quality cord. However, if you are looking for an affordable alternative, you will need to get a quality cable with a USB C connections. The USB connection should fit the 3.0 specification of the Link headset cable and should be long enough to move with flexibility. You will notice that it is somewhat difficult to find a cable that matches the 3.0 specification. That is why people opt for the official cord as it is of a high-quality, thin, flexible, and compatible with a 5-meter length. Therefore, while it is expensive, it offers the best performance. Before making your online purchase, be sure to compare the various prices and quality of reliable manufacturers. Thereafter, purchase the cables online at a price that best suits the needs of your pocket. Often, the online prices tend to be lower than that of offline stores.


Since the Oculus Quest has an audio system, it releases its sound from the area around the Head Strap. The sound is released decently; therefore, you will not need to place anything over or inside your ears to have an immersive sound quality. However, some detailed sounds can be lost in the system and you will need to have headphones to be guaranteed of quality sound. Did you know that the official Oculus headphones are cheap affordable enough to suit your budgets? Well, you can now have an unforgettable experience with the headphones at a reasonable price. The headphones have flexible and gentle tips that softly seal inside your ears, thus reducing any external noise and distractions. They come in two independent pieces and have shortcodes. These headphones also have ready-built headphone jacks that plug into the VR headset ports and give you an immersive sound that is private and well-highlighted. You can now purchase the headphones online and get to choose from the broad varieties.

Charging Accessories

You can purchase a USB-C Power Adapter, stand holder, and charger for your VR headset. The holder acts as the charging station for your headset. Place the VR gear on the station, and you will note that the magnet automatically attaches to the C-type interface. Ensure that the charging state of the holder is on by pressing the on button. The adapter and charger are easy to use and ensure quick charging. All these charging accessories have a broad compatibility as they can be tuned with "Replacement Foam" accessory types. With the accessories, you will take your user experience to another level. Some online manufacturers have cash-back options that will help you save lots of money by getting back some of the amount of money you have paid for these accessories. These cash-back opportunities can only be found online.

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