Car chargers for smartphones: which model to choose?

In today's world where the smartphone is a real must-have tool at all times, you may well need its services while driving a car. Today, many devices can be recharged via USB ports: smartphone, tablet, camera, game console, e-cigarette, various accessories. We are particularly interested in car chargers for smartphones. How to choose the right charger cable and Bluetooth smartphone kits? This article gives you all the advice you need to know on this subject.

A smartphone car charger with excellent speed

A good smartphone car charger is first and foremost a charger cable capable of providing excellent charging speed for your smartphone. In practice, the larger the cross-section of copper inside the cable, the greater the current that will flow afterwards. In the case of a car charger for a smartphone, there is no need to buy a charger cable longer than 2m. Also, the longer the cable, the slower the charging speed will be. The best car charger models for smartphones in the car are usually less than 1 m long. On this site you will find lots of models of car chargers for smartphones. Apple cable, micro-USB cable, lightning cable, USB cable type C, flat cable, spiral cable, quick charge cable, traceable cable or angled cable, you can choose from a variety of smartphone car chargers.

A charger model that lasts over time

Initially, models of Bluetooth smartphone kits or smartphone car chargers can easily break, starting with the sheath and then the conductive copper. In some cases, the connector may even be damaged. Fortunately, the latest models of smartphone car chargers are now more durable to provide a better user experience. You just have to know how to choose the right material. The perfect car smartphone charger model is mostly designed with durable and flexible materials to go with it every step of the way. Charging cables made of TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomers are preferred. This material is not only easy to handle, but also durable over time. However, even being made of TPE or other resistant materials, a car smartphone charger is still fragile at the base. That's why you will surely need a cable protector available in different shapes and colors: crocodile, hippopotamus, frog, cat, chameleon, turtle...

Other important criteria when choosing your smartphone car charger

Apart from length, charging speed and the material used, other important criteria should also be considered when choosing the best car smartphone charger. In principle, the more well-known a car charger or Bluetooth smartphone kits are, the more reliable they are. You might also choose your smartphone charger based on the brand of your smartphone. Long before you want to buy a new charging cable, you might want to consider an adapter from the same category. That way, you could use a simple micro-USB cable to charge a smartphone at the USB type C port using the adapter. If you want to run your charger cable around in the car, it would be best to opt for an angled smartphone car charger. This type of charger is very resistant to twisting and will not be damaged as easily. Finally, you should make sure that the end of the charger in question actually corresponds to the charging port of the smartphone. There are three different types of charging ports: type A, type B and type C. However, using a simple adapter can effectively solve the compatibility problem.
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